What to Do

What to do

Because of the long history of Mashhad there are many things to see and do for everyone. If history is not your thing, then there are also plenty of natural and modern entertainment facilities. Of course, the highlight for almost everyone is the Holy Shrine Complex, which is detailed in this section.

  • Spiritual journey

    Spiritual journey

    In this section valuable information is given on how to perform the sacred rite and rituals of the pilgrimage and site to visit in the Holy Shrine Complex.

  • Arts and culture

    Arts and culture

    Mashhad offers many arts and culture activates. Here you can find a list of Cultural and Art centers as well as Galleries, Museums, Theaters and Cinemas.

  • Entertainment


    There are plenty of entertainment ammonites for everyone, especially families. In this section you can find information about Mashhad Amusement Parks, Zoo, Nature Explorations and Culinary Experiences.

  • Shopping


    Love to shop? Then Mashhad offers an interesting selection of shopping venues, from trendy boutiques and malls to a more traditional atmosphere with its bazaars.