There are plenty of entertainment ammonites for everyone, especially families. In this section you can find information about Mashhad Amusement Parks, Zoo, Nature Explorations and Culinary Experiences.

  • Amusement Parks
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    Amusement Parks

    For starters there is the newly renovated Amusement Park of Mellat Park which is about 4 hectares. This project was done by a joint venture between the municipality, the private sector, and expert engineers and is suitable for all ages.
    Other private smaller amusement parks exist within shopping centers across the city. Also, almost no one leaves without going to one of the 4 large water parks.

  • Parks
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    One of the distinct features of Mashhad is it many large and lush parks. Here is a small list of the most popular parks:
    Melli Park
    This charming one-hectare garden is located in the center of the city on Imam Khomeini Avenue and provides a beautiful contrast to the rush of the city center.
    Mellat Park
    This park is to the west of the city stretching along Vakilabad Boulevard with an area of 720,000 meters². It is the most popular park, with beautiful gardens, facilities for various sports and an amusement park. It is not uncommon to see hundreds of people of all ages walking and jogging around the park early in the morning and having late night picnics.
    Vakilabad Park
    Located 8-miles southwest of the city in the suburbs, this park is popular for its natural beauty and it is considered an ideal spot for picnicking.
    Kooh-Sangi Park
    Recently expanded and renovated, it serves as the largest recreation center in Mashhad. It is located south of the city near the southern mountains at the end of Dr. Ali Shariati Avenue. Kooh-Sangi Park is popular for its large pool and fountain, as well as its space for playing and picnicking. Near the park there are also small shops which sell traditional handicrafts and snacks.
    Koohistan Park
    It is Mashhad’s largest amusement park and it is located southwest of the city near Vakilabad Park.

  • Zoo
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    Vakilabad Zoo
    Location: at the end of Vakilabad Blvd.
    Brief Description: Mashhad’s zoo was first established in Khajeh Rabe’i St. and later when the Mashhad Zoo Company was formed in 1980, the zoo was moved to its present location. It sits on 4-hectares of land and is the largest zoo in Iran. In addition, it has the greatest variety of animals such as different species of birds, deer, wild cats, etc.

  • Nature Explorations
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    Nature Explorations

    The Countryside of Mashhad is very beautiful and another must see if you have the time.
    Shandiz and Torghabeh
    These two towns are perhaps the most popular areas in the countryside to visit, especially during the warm seasons.
    Located in the mountains 18 kilometers southwest from Mashhad, this lovely town is popular for its natural scenery and traditional and modern garden restaurants. Nature-lovers also enjoy coming to this village for walking and cycling.
    This town is also located in the mountains some 38 kilometers southwest of Mashhad, and just like Torghabeh it has wonderful gardens, springs, and traditional and modern garden restaurants. A very popular local dish of this town is called Shish-leek - six barbequed tender lions served with fresh tondari bread and hot steamed rice is definitely a must-try.
    Zoshk Village
    Located at the end of Shandiz, it is popular for picnicking, its beautiful scenery, traditional garden restaurants, and year-round cold climate.

Culinary Experiences

  • Local Foods

    Local Foods

    The most famous local foods specific to Mashhad are:
    Sholeh, which is a heavy porridge of several beans, grains, lamb pieces and its fat, plus special spices. It's usually served in cold weather and during morning ceremonies like Muharram and Arba'een.
    Shishlick, which is marinated, barbequed tender lamb chops.
    Tahchin is a saffron-flavored chicken and rice dish although lamb is also served instead of chicken. What makes it special is that it's oven baked with a crusted yogurt chicken filling.
    Tolab ice cream is a three-layered handmade ice cream with chocolate, cardamom and rosewater, and saffron flavoring. It is full of bits of frozen cream and you can try it with or without mixed nuts. Originally, it's served between a thin wafer like a sandwich.

  • Traditional Restaurants

    Traditional Restaurants

    These type of restaurants are decorated with a traditional Iranian flare. Their menus are mostly traditional foods and some offer water pipes. So if you are not into smoking you might first want to ask if it's smoke-free.

  • Fast Foods

    Fast Foods

    There are plenty of fast food restaurants in Mashhad with varying prices, environments, and menus.

  • International Restaurants

    International Restaurants

    The most popular international restaurants are Lebanese and Italian. There are one or two Mexican, Turkish, Turkman, South Asian, Indian, restaurants. If you want a variety the Food Courts are the best options.