Making Calls

Making calls and internet & WiFi use is relatively simple in throughout Iran. The process is explained below to help you get started.

  • Local Calls

    Local Calls

    Only calls within the city are local, even though the entire province shares the same area code. When dialing inside of the city no area code is required unless you are using a cell phone.
    For using a cell phone to dial a landline you would dial as such: 0513 + number.
    For using a cell phones to dial another cell phone: 0 + area code + number
    Note: SIM Cards
    Airports and hotels sell tourists SIM card with or without Internet service for a nominal price and it works for 60 days.

  • Nationwide


    Mashhad, including all of Khorasan Razavi Province uses the 513 area code. When dialing inside of Iran use a zero before the area code: 0513.
    For cell phone numbers, each province has its own area code. So, when dialing inside of the country a zero must be added to the area code: 0 + area code + number.

  • International


    The country code for Iran is +98.

  • Internet \ WiFi

    Internet \ WiFi

    Hotels usually have Wi-Fi wither in their lobby and/or rooms. You should ask what their policy.
    Some restaurants, coffee shops, and various entertainment places may have free Wi-Fi. A sign usually indicates its availability.
    SIM cards can be purchased with Internet.